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When Excellence Matters, and Good Enough... Isn't

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     Photography is only the beginning and a camera is only a tool. Portraiture with personality is created, not simply taken. Jeff is a visual artist specializing in commissioned portraiture of family and the life events we share. From newborn babies, Bar Mitzvah's, high school seniors, and weddings, Jeff creates images that become first class, works of art for you to treasure. Your personal story will be told in a way that is customized to your needs and desires, not a one size fits all package.

          * LOVE your experience and the images I create for you, or it's free... Guaranteed. Period.

          * Certified price match guarantee within 100 miles.

          * Always custom plans to tell your story, your way.

          * I tell your story with passion and personality, not just a few pretty pictures.

          * Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating since May of 2004.

          * Internationally certified by the Professional Photographers of America.

     Visions by Baker Photography provides complete and easy commissioned photographic portraiture for busy individuals and families you simply will not get anywhere else. I am your nationally certified photographer creating portraits from all the life events we share. Every need is fulfilled from the beginning with in home design consultations, to the end with custom installations of the final artwork. Portrait art is a heirloom treasure as unique and priceless as your own family.  Every image we create has a zero risk warranty.

When excellence matters, and good enough... isn't.

Our Process

     1. In Person Consultation:

     Our process to be sure you get the best care possible starts with an in person, planning and design consultation. Whether you are planning a family portrait, a complete wedding, or any other event, the primary goal is to get to know each other by talking about your ideas and objectives. Together, we will create a photography session with clear goals and expectations. Not only are you under no obligations, this planning and design consultation is completely FREE of charge. A visit to your home where the art will be displayed can also be scheduled. This way we can design the portraiture to work within your home. If the room where your portrait art will be displayed is mostly casual and laid back, a strictly formal image probably would not fit in very well. On the other hand, beautiful maternity or naked baby images would not work in a formal dining room either.

     Weddings and other special events are custom planned to your needs, not fixed packages that force you to purchase things you don't really need. 

     2. Photography Session:

     Our Signature Series portrait session includes up to 2 hours at any location you choose. The session could be at the studio, the beach, or even your own backyard. Whatever location has the most meaning to you.

     The Masterpiece studio session of one hour is perfect for Children, H.S. Seniors, and Families.  We do not charge per person, so bring the whole crew!

     An Essential studio session of about 30 minutes is great for business and professional headshots.

     3. Presentation:

     Within a couple weeks, you will return to the studio for a special, big screen presentation of your images. You will be able to see all the edited works of art we have created together, projected as a slideshow movie set to music. Then we will go through each image one at a time to select the best of the best and design your artwork to fit the exact spaces we talked about previously.  To help determine the perfect size for your wall portraiture in its proper location, our software allows us to project your images onto custom room views of your own home. For weddings and other events, a pre-design of your album will be shown if you have chosen this option.

     4. Installation:

  When all is said and done, Visions by Baker Photography will even custom install your wall portraiture. We have the systems to do it right so you will never have to worry about it not being straight of falling off the wall when someone closes a door... You're busy!  Let us do what we do best, so you don't have to.

Still have questions?  No problem, please "contact me" to schedule an appointment

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